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The Clay Platform

At Clay, our goal is to make it much easier to build software. There's plenty of great specialized software out there, but it's often rigid, and customizing that software or connecting it with the other apps & APIs you use isn't easy, takes custom code, and is painful and expensive to maintain.

Clay makes it easy for developers & non-developers to stitch together apps, APIs & custom code into automated workflows and new light-weight tools. We believe building these types of workflows & tools can be much easier for both developers and non-developers.

There's 3 parts to the Clay Platform:

Flows give you a way to take actions based on events happening in your SaaS apps, webhooks or scheduled timers. Based on these events, you can trigger a workflow sequence of action steps, where these actions could be actions in your favorite SaaS apps, API calls, or custom serverless functions.

For example a flow to auto-enrich user signups might fire every time you have a user signup, and combine tools to enrich the data you have for your users:

We make it easy to setup and manage these types of workflows. For every flow you'll be able to see logs for each time it ran along with the inputs & outputs to every step of the flow. You can also setup alerting rules to be notified if your flows fail for some reason so you can make sure your processes are up and running.

Bases are an easy-to-use database with a spreadsheet-like interface, and an easy to use API. Under the hood, you get the full power of a relational database, which plays nicely with Clay’s Workflow and Function features.

Superpower: Functions Within Your Bases

The really powerful and interesting thing about Clay’s Bases, is that you can use APIs and functions as though they were just columns in your database.

The closest thing to this is something like formulas in spreadsheets, except in Bases your formulas can do anything you could do with code, like call an API, scrape a webpage, transform data and more.

We’ve already written several functions and integrations to popular SaSS tools and APIs that make it feel like you have superpowers inside your Base.

Clay functions are the fastest way to get a simple serverless API up and running. Our code editor gives you a lightweight way to write a bit of code that you can then use as an endpoint, or as part of a Workflow or Base.

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👋 Welcome to Clay

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